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Sunday • 21 June 2015 • 4 Ramadan 1436

How to come alive with The Quran:

The question arises what was the condition of our early generations with regards to The Qur’an and how is our condition today with The Qur’an? How is it in our times that the status of The Qur’an has been weakened and its importance is no more rather less than reading the newspapers and magazines or reading some news online? 

What has changed in our times for us to become in this state? Has The Qur’an changed? Allah forbid! Or is it because we have changed our attitude towards The Book of Allah? What are the criteria by which nations have been elevated and declined; honored and humiliated?

In a Hadith reported by Umar bin Al-Khattaab (RA) Rasoolullah SAS said:

إنَّ الله -تعالى-يرفع بهذا الكتاب أقوامًا، ويضع به آخرين
By this Book, Allah would exalt some peoples and by it He would degrade others

In this Hadith the word “Peoples” constitute individuals, groups and The Ummah. For whosoever accepts and goes towards The Qur’an from among them will be exalted and honored and whosoever turns away will be dishonored and humiliated.

We come to know our Pious Predecessors-may Allah SWT have mercy on them- through the importance they have placed on the Qur’an. The status of The Qur’an, its importance and its effects have become the foundation of their lives in all its domains: recitation, learning its meaning, practicing its tenets and calling towards it. Thus from childhood The Qur’an was used to build their foundation and the families back then were raised by the message of The Qur’an and the world was enlightened and opened up by learning and teaching The Qur’an. The institutions of knowledge were based on The Qur’an. The Masaajid (Mosques): their establishments, worship done therein, the gatherings were all based on The Qur’an.

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